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Just a few years ago it was almost impossible to find out even your own credit scores. There was no way for anyone to get an online credit score. You would apply for credit and then get declined because your credit scores were too low and the creditor would not even share your scores with you.

Even today many places where you apply for credit will not share your credit scores with you or anything that might be on your credit report that is causing them to decline your new application for debt.

Over the years the laws have changed and technology has made it so much easier for one to obtain a copy of their credit report and credit scores. One can now get an online credit score and report easily.

When you know what your credit scores are and have a copy of your credit report showing your credit history then you have sufficient information to make changes that will improve your credit scores so you won't be declined credit in the future. Even if you are not getting declined for new credit you may want to improve your credit scores so you can receive more perks like a better interest rate on a loan or mortgage.

My CreditReport

Your creditreport will contain the following sections of information about you:

Personal Information

This section will show current and previous addresses that the credit reporting agencies are aware of on where you have lived. You will also find your SSN, Date of Birth and present and past employers. Check this information for accuracy. These things do affect your credit scores but you don't want someone checking your credit to think you are not being honest with the information you supplied on your application.

Credit Report Previous Debt

This section contains information on each item you have previously purchased on credit that has been reported by that creditor to the credit reporting agencies.

These items do impact your credit scores. Check all of these items to make sure they are indeed yours. If make sure that any accounts that you have paid in full are reflecting a zero balance. Check to make sure that any late payments reported are indeed correct.

Keep in mind that balances shown on your credit report may be some 30 days behind so don't fret if an active account balance is not exactly correct. It just doesn't need to be more than a payment or two off.

Public Records

This section will show such items as any judgments filed against you or any outstanding tax liens. These type items have a very negative impact on your crdit scores so it really pays to clear up these items as soon as possible.

Credit Check Monitoring

Regardless of where your credit scores currently fall, it pays to monitor your credit scores and report on a frequent basis. Some credit monitoring services give you email alerts when any score shifts. This is nice because you don't have to constantly keep retrieving your credit report and score to know if anything is changing in your credit file.

Improve Credit Score

For some additional information on how to read a credit report, how to write correction or dispute letters concerning credit items that you find on your report that are incorrect visit: Learn About Your Credit Score.






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