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Credit Score Ranges

Generally credit scores range from 300 to 850. It is rare to see anyone with a score above 850. However, it is not rare to find someone with a credit score of 0. These are people who have never established any credit before. This may a be a young person who simply hasn't had the opportunity to use credit for any purchases or an older individual who has always paid cash for everything they have bought.

Credit Score Range

To give you an idea of where your credit scores fit with everyone else, here is a table of credit score ranges and the percent of people whose score falls within that range.

Credit Score Chart

FICO Credit Score Percent with Score
800–850 13%
750–799 27%
700–749 18%
650–699 15%
600–649 12%
550–599 8%
500–549 5%
300–499 2%


People who have a credit score in the 800 or above range generally get instant approval for whatever credit they are applying for and the will get the best interest rate on that loan.

The same is pretty much true for people who have a credit score above 720. There may be a little more documentation required during the approval process but these people will still get a good interest rate on their loan.

If your score drops below 680 then lenders began to look at your history more closely. Even though you can still qualify for most loan types, even mortage loans, you may find that you will be paying a slightly higher interest rate for the money you borrow.

Below 680 but still above 620 means you begin to pay a higher interest rate for not only money that you borrow but things like home and car insurance.

Today, if your score is below 620 you no longer are able to qualify for most mortage loans, including the government FHA loans. There was a time that this bar was set at 580, but since the days of the mortgage crisis this bar has been raised to the 620 score.

If your scores have dropped below 580 you are going to find it hard to get approval from a number of different credit lenders. When your score has fallen this low it is usually because you have a number of derogatory items on your credit such as collections, previous late payments and maybe a forclosure or bankruptcy.

Basicly you have managed your money in such a manner that creditors consider you a bad risk when it comes to making a new loan to you.

It is time for you to re-group and get your credit health back to a healthy status. There are ways to improve your credit score and get your scores back in the upper ranges.

As long as you lounge around in the lower bad credit score range, you will pay out your good hard earned money to someone else for higher interest rates on things like credit cards, car loans, personal loans, bank loans, cell phones and insurance (both car and home).

You will find yourself being declined for applications to rent an apartment or home in a decent neightborhood.

You may also find yourself being declined for a good job or even to be granted a promotion on your current job. Many employers take into account your credit history when making hiring or promotion decisions.


So, review your creidt report and credit scores in order to see what items are on your credit report that need to be addressed. You will also need to establish some new credit and keep your payments made ontime in order to help improve your crdit scores.






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