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Credit Report Terms

Yearly Credit Report

A print out of ones credit history which will show everything that is being maintained by a credit reporting agency about the consumer. This information is compiled from data sent to them by the consumer's current and past creditors. It is good to view your credit report annually for accuracy.

Tri Merge Credit Report

There are 3 primary credit reporting agencies (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax). When a credit report shows a consumer's credit history from all 3 of the credit reporting agencies it is called a tri merge credit report. The data from all 3 credit bureaus is combined into 1 report. This kind of report is also referred to as a "3 Credit Score", "3 1 Credit Report", or "Merged Credit Report".

Active Accounts

This is any account showing in ones credit history which has not been closed by either the consumer or creditor.

Authorized Account User

A person who is permitted by the contractually responsible party to charge items to the cardholder's account but who will not be responsible to repay that debt. This credit card account will show on both the contractually responsible party and the authorized account users credit history.

Bankruptcy Dismissed/Discharged

A bankruptcy showing on the credit report may show a status of "dismissed" or "discharged". If the status is discarged then this means that a court order has been issued terminating bankruptcy proceedings on old debt included in the bankruptcy. This normally means that the consumer has paid off all of this debt as a part of the terms of the bankruptcy.

If the status is dismissed this means that a court order denied one's bankruptcy petition making the debtor still liable for all debts outstanding.

Credit Score

Each credit reporting agency has its own scoring algorithm with which they attempt to determine, based on a consumer's credit history, that consumers likelyhood of repaying any new debt extended to them. The number that is provided from the credit scoring model is called a credit score. When you are provided your credit score from each of the 3 credit reporting agencies, then you have your "credit scores".

Charge Off

This term means that the creditor does not expectto collect a balance owing on a consumer's account.


This is a person who will also sign that they will be responsible for the primary borrower's debt if that person does not re-pay the debt as agreed.


Credit is when one purchases goods or services today and makes a promise to pay later for those goods. Typically one repays this credit on a monthly basis.

Credit Grantor

A business or person furnishing consumer goods or services on credit.

Credit Limit

An amount that the creditor has determined to be the maximum amount of money that the consumer is allowed to charge on a particular credit account.

Dispute Letter

Whenever a person finds an error on their credit report they attempt to get this corrected by writing what is termed a "dispute" letter to the credit bureaus. This is basicly a letter stating why the particular item in their credit file is incorrect and asking them to correct the information. Usually the letter is accompained by supporting documentation like a letter from the creditor, paid receipt or copy of the divorce decree.

Public Record

Public Records contain information about liens, bankruptcy filings and judgments. Credit Reporting Agencies will obtain this infomation to add to ones credit history.


Voluntary or forced surrender of merchandise, such as a car or mobile home, due to the consumer's failure to pay for this mercchandise as promised.

Secured Credit Card

When someone has bad credit and wishes to get a credit card to help re-establish their good credit rating they may get a secured credit card. This type card is secured by a savings account which contains the amount of money that has been set as the credit limit on the card.

FICO Credit Score

Sometimes inaccurately termed the FICA Credit Score. The credit score was developed by a California-based company; Fair Isaac Corp. Thus the name FICO.






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